Shenayda Linda Deane has been in the field of health and healing for the last 35 years.  Her  work is defined by the education and experiences of a deeply holistic approach. She has traveled to numerous countries and while there, studied ancient practices, deepening her understanding of spirit and soul development.

Shenayda has a M.A. degree in counseling, she specializes in inner child work, family dynamics, and relationship counseling.  She has a brilliant way of navigating the workings of the mind from the many years of working  as a family systems counselor.  Through self-awareness of mind, body, and emotions, she has mastered the art of guiding others towards their own truth.

She is an expert in body therapies including integrated neuromuscular therapy, advanced Reiki, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, oriental massage, and body memory release therapy.

As a teacher, Shenayda was on faculty for a Southwest School of Healing Arts for over 21 years.  While there, she also created private workshops in the United States and abroad.

Shenayda  provides mentorships for individuals who wish to evolve as a “soul connecting to spirit” through her  private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She conducts full and new moon meditations, Shamanic Circles, Moon Lodges, and the Spiral Dance.  Her work and classes are characterized by her tremendous energy, compassion, humor and joy.

Shenayda will help you learn to discipline the body, mind and emotions.  These can move into actions which allow  your individual soul’s purpose  to actualize.



Shenayda offers a variety of  Ancient and Esoteric teachings as well as Shaman Apprenticeships, Energy Healing Initiations/Trainings, Spiral Dances and more! View the calendar for course offerings or contact Shenayda directly. 


Shenayda also offers a variety of bodywork modalities including Neuromuscular Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, energy medicine therapies, chakra work, color therapy, aromatherapy, sacred plants and stones.


Shenayda will use her multifaceted tools to guide you through the process of navigating through challenges, assist the process of healing and offer pathways towards integration.