In a session with Shenayda she will use her multifaceted tools to assist the process of integration. Along with traditional family counseling methods, some of those tools include, trauma release, inner child work, meridian tapping techniques, personality typologies (like the Enneagram), and psychological astrology.
Shenayda also offers a variety of bodywork modalities including Neuromuscular Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, energy medicine therapies, chakra work, color therapy, aromatherapy, sacred plants and stones.
Each session is highly personalized and aligned exactly with what the individual needs at the time.
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Astrological Systems

Shenayda’s astrological charts are uniquely combined with Egyptian Astrology, Esoteric Astrology, and Psychological Astrology. These sessions assist you in the patterns of your life and how to best deal with them and get the most out of your journey here on Planet Earth. It does not compel, rather it¬†shows you what is possible if you so choose it. Astrological readings¬†allow you to know intimate details about yourself that perhaps no one else would know without having knowledge of this complete chart analysis.

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Muse Sessions

In a Muse session, Shenayda will access your astrological chart-referencing your gifts, talents, interests and dreams. Along with the information from your own birth chart, and her ability of auditory and visual intuitions, she can see what your present destiny paths are and the steps required to manifest them.

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Classes & Workshops

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